Thermal Paper Usually Used In Fax

Thermal Paper Usually used in fax

Thermal paper has a total weight of 55 grams, 58 grams, 63 grams, 65 grams, 70 grams, 80 grams, 100 grams, 180 grams, 200 grams and 230 grams.

Thermal printing paper grams refers to the net amount, in grams per square meter, referred to as grams. Printing roll paper

55 grams of thermal paper thickness is thin, usually used in fax paper and medical ECG drawings and other fields, color density requirements are high, generally 55 grams of thermal paper will be called fax type thermal paper.

58 grams of thermal paper used in the field of cash register paper, compared to 55 grams of fax-type thermal paper color requirements slightly lower, the thickness and 55 grams of thermal printing paper almost. Ordinary use of this paper more than the number of meters required for high thickness is not high will be preferred 58 grams of thermal paper, because the same can print the number of meters, 58 grams of diameter will be small, less space.

63 grams, 65 grams and 70 grams of thermal paper manufacturers are based on different thickness of the base paper, coated with different thickness of the thermal coating coating the final net amount, this type of application in the cash register paper thermal paper , The thickness of 76U-82U between the manufacturers are based on the needs of individualized market differentiation of customized results, but also manufacturers of their own equipment to make different choices. At present, Guangzhou cash register paper thermal printing paper market is also the mainstream of 63 grams -70 grams between the net amount of thermal paper.

80 grams of thermal paper for special paper, there are three anti-paper, two anti-paper and a paper, etc., is in the thermal printing paper application features to add a special protective coating for waterproof, anti-oil or anti-high temperature and other special Environmental manufacturing, and more applications in the kitchen with thermal printing three anti-paper, movie tickets and other high demand areas.

Sun exposure contrast: This method is very simple, just print out the same paper with the same fluorescent pen after the sun on the sun (this can accelerate the thermal coating on the light reaction), the end they will become black , The longer the time needed to blacken, the longer the storage of this thermal paper.

Roast: in fact, the method of roasting and sunshine to distinguish between the principle is about the same. We can use the lighter in the paper does not and gradually heating, the color of the paper will follow the heating and change, if the end of the color appears to be brown, indicating that the thermoforming formula is not reasonable, custody can be relatively short; if the paper can be seen slender stripes Or loose color blocks, then the coating is not uniform. On the contrary, the better quality of the thermal paper after the end of the show will be dark green (with a little green), color uniform, from the center of heating to the adjacent, the color gradually fades.