Thermal Paper Thermal Coating

Thermal Paper Thermal coating

Printed thermal print head contact with the thermal paper, in a series of changing the role of hot spots, thermal paper sensitive parts of the black, not sensitive parts do not change color. Printing roll paper, thus forming a text or bar code, to achieve the purpose of printing. Thermal paper is divided into two kinds of protective layer and no protective layer, the protective layer in the heat sensitive layer above, the purpose is to protect the heat sensitive layer of chemical corrosion, to prevent label contamination and the purpose of protecting the print head. Compared to heat transfer paper, the advantage of thermal paper is that no need for ribbons can be variable graphic information printed on the substrate surface. As the thermal paper itself is lower than the price of hot transfer paper, print and do not need to use the ribbon, so the printing cost is relatively low. The thermal coating can be set to different activation temperatures and colors to suit the needs of different performance printers. The downside is that the information printed on the thermal paper is reversible and unstable. That is, at a certain temperature and humidity, the information printed on the thermal paper will become blurred. In addition, in the strong light, chemical corrosion and stains environment, the information on the thermal paper will become blurred, although some of the surface of the thermal material coated with a protective layer, printed good thermal paper label retention period is also the best No more than six months. In addition, because the thermal paper printing paper directly with the print head contact, the print head wear than the heat transfer paper serious, high-speed printer on this phenomenon is particularly evident. Thermal paper is specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machine printing paper, its quality directly affects the print quality and save time, and even affect the printer and fax machine life. Printing paper, the current market of thermal paper good and bad, the state has not yet introduced the national standard, Suzhou Li Ming Computer Paper Co., Ltd. as a professional production of thermal paper and other special paper professional manufacturers, for many users are not clear How to identify the quality of thermal paper to make a detailed explanation, which for many businesses under the control of poor quality thermal paper provides a convenient for users to lose, light storage time shorter, writing fuzzy, heavy damage to the printer.