Thermal Paper The Coating Is Not Uniform

Thermal Paper The coating is not uniform

Thermal printing paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the paper base, the second layer for the thermal coating, the third layer for the protective layer, printing roll paper, the main impact of its quality for the thermal coating or protective layer.

If the thermal paper coating is not uniform, will lead to print, some places deep color, some places light color, print quality significantly reduced, if the heat-sensitive coating chemical formula is unreasonable, will lead to paper storage time Very good, good print paper can be saved after printing (at room temperature, to avoid direct sunlight conditions) 5 years, now more can save 10 years of long-term thermal paper, but if the heat-sensitive coating formula is unreasonable , May only be kept for several months.

The protective coating is also critical to the post-print retention time, which absorbs a portion of the light that causes the heat-sensitive coating to react chemically, slows the deterioration of the printing paper and protects the printer's thermal elements from damage, The layers are not uniform and will not only greatly reduce the protection of the thermal coating, even in the printing process will appear to protect the coating of small particles falling off, rubbing the printer's thermal elements, resulting in the printing of thermal components.

Thermal cash register paper is a thermal paper as raw materials through simple processing of a roll of printing paper. Printing roll paper, also known as: roll-type thermal cash register paper, thermal printing paper. Thermal cash register paper is mainly used in the cash register system thermal printer, thermal cash register paper with hair color uniformity, good smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life without the use of printing supplies, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridges, So the cash register system in the heat cashier paper has a big replacement of ordinary cashier paper trend. Thermal cash register paper is widely used in shopping malls to super POS machine terminal system, hotel catering system, banking system, telecommunications systems, medical systems and other fields. Thermal cashmere paper production principle is in the ordinary paper coated with particulate powder, the composition is leuco dye phenol or other acidic substances, separated by thin film. Under heat conditions, the film melts and the powder mixes from the color reaction.