Thermal Paper Smoothness Is Good

Thermal Paper Smoothness is good

Cashmere paper, also known as roll-type thermal cash register paper, thermal printing paper. Thermal cash register paper is mainly used in the cash register system thermal printer, thermal cash register paper with hair color uniformity, smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life without the use of printing supplies, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridges, So the cash register system in the heat cashier paper has a great deal to replace the trend of ordinary cash register paper. Thermal cash register paper is now widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, medical and other industries.

Cash register paper common three categories

1, Shuangjiao Zhi: the use of ordinary Shuangjiao processing production of cash register paper, all single layer, the paper does not have any coating, rely on the ribbon to print the word above the cash register paper.

2, thermal paper: the use of thermal paper processing production of cash register paper, all single-layer, coated with a thermal chemical coating on paper, paper by laser thermal head print color cash register paper, which is not used Printing supplies, printing rolls, no ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridges; and the paper surface is smooth, with nails or hard objects across the paper when there will be a clear imprint.

3, non-carbon paper: This cash register at least two or more layers, of which the first joint need to use the dot matrix printer to print color, but the back of the couple press the printer to print pressure color. View: buy thermal cash register paper time, to pay more attention to the appearance of paper. From the color, we can to some extent distinguish the quality of its protective coating and thermal coating. Printing paper, if the paper is white, then the paper protective coating and thermal coating is unreasonable, it can add too much phosphor. If the paper is quietly green, it is about the same quality. Paper looks smooth and smooth, then the thermal paper coating is more uniform, on the contrary, then the paper coating uneven, will seriously affect the print results. Together, if the paper looks like a strong reflection of the light, but also add too much reason for the phosphor, it is best not to choose such a thermal paper.

Sun exposure contrast: This method is very simple, just print out the same kind of paper with the same kind of fluorescent pen after the sun on the sun (this can accelerate the thermal coating on the light reaction), the end they will become black , The longer the time needed to blacken, the longer the storage of this thermal paper.

Roast: In fact, the method of roasting and sunshine to distinguish between the principle is about the same. We can use the lighter in the paper does not and gradually heating, the color of the paper will follow the heating and change, if the end of the color appears to be brown, indicating that the thermo-sensitive formula is not reasonable, storage time can be shorter; if the paper can be seen slender stripes Or loose color blocks, then the coating is not uniform. On the contrary, the better quality of the thermal paper after the end of the show will be dark green (with a little green), color uniform, from the heating center to the adjacent, the color gradually fades.