Thermal Paper Print Quality

Thermal Paper Print quality

Thermal cash register paper is dedicated to the thermal printer on the printing paper, its quality directly affects the print quality and save time, and even affect the printer's life. Thermal cash register paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the paper-based, the second layer for the thermal coating, the third layer for the protective layer, the main impact of its quality for the thermal coating or protective layer. If the heat-sensitive cash register paper coating is not uniform, it will lead to the printing of the color of the color is different; if the heat-sensitive cashmere paper coating chemical formula is unreasonable, The protective layer is also critical for the post-print retention time, which absorbs a portion of the light that causes the heat-sensitive coating to react chemically and slows the deterioration of the heat-sensitive cash register paper.

    Thermal cash register paper identification method:

    First look at the appearance of paper, good quality thermal cash register paper with hair color uniformity, smoothness, high brightness, a little pan-green. If the paper is very white, then the paper protective coating and heat-sensitive coating is unreasonable, adding too much phosphor, if the paper finish is not high or seem uneven, then the paper coating is not uniform, if the paper looks reflective Light is very strong, but also add too much phosphor.

    Followed by roasted with fire, with the fire on the back of the paper heating, if the paper came out of the color is brown, indicating that the hot formula is not reasonable, the preservation time may be shorter, if the black part of the paper has a small stripes or color Uneven, indicating that the coating is not uniform. Good quality of the paper after heating because it is dark green, and color uniformity, from the center to the surrounding color gradually fades. Thermal cash register paper commonly used specifications

    57x50 type, 57x60 type, 57 × 80 type, 75x50 type, 75x60 type, 75x80 type, 80x50 type, 80x60 type, 80x80, 80 × 140 type

    Ordinary Shuangjiao paper commonly used specifications

    44x40 type, 57x60 type, 70x60 type, 75x60 type, 75x80 type, 76x80 type, 82x80 type, etc.

    Carbon-free cash register paper commonly used specifications

    57x40 double layer, 57x60 double layer, 75x60 double layer, 75x60 three layers, 241x100 double layer, 241x100 three layers and so on.