Thermal Paper Pay Attention To Chemical Composition

Thermal Paper Pay attention to chemical composition

The cash register paper is a kind of office paper product which is printed in the form of continuous printing paper. It is mainly used in the cashier's counter and the cashier's counter. As the cash register paper has more than 100 kinds, the cash register paper is used for the production and processing cost of cashier's paper Different, cashier paper prices are floating relatively large.

Cash register paper common specifications are the following categories:

Thermal cash register paper processing production specifications are: 57 * 30,57 * 40,57 * 50;

Different requirements of the user's cash register paper specifications, there are 80 * 80,80 * 30,80 * 50,80 * 60 and other specifications due to the production process custom custom process materials and requirements are more, so the cash register specifications for the 80MM price Higher than 57.

Heat-sensitive cash register paper is made of thermal paper for the production of raw materials. All the single-layer form, thermal cash register paper printed surface with pre-coated thermal chemical coating and protective film coating, so thermal cash register paper is relatively smooth print surface, thermal paper material prices than ordinary single Cashier paper is more expensive. The use of heat-sensitive cash register paper is printed using a laser printer, which is characterized by the use of thermal cash register paper without the need to print supplies, no ribbon or ink cartridges. And the thermal paper surface is relatively smooth, the print surface can be friction or heating directly color.

Single-layer printing cashmere paper production and processing specifications are: 75 * 60,75 * 50,75 * 75 and so on

Single-layer cash register paper production and processing costs than the price of thermal cash register paper is lower, mainly single-layer cashier paper base paper without coating process.

Single-layer cash register paper is used in the dot matrix printer, the printing process needs to use the ribbon ribbon, although the single-layer cash register paper production price is lower, but the printing cost is higher than the thermal cash register paper.

In addition, the cash register paper specifications for the same 75MM there are needle printing cashmere paper multi-layer pressure suppression cash register paper. This type of cash register paper specifications for the 75mm multi-layer printing paper, common white and white, white and yellow, white, white, white and blue.

Multi-layer copy of carbon-free cash register paper is characterized by multi-layer continuous printing, cash register paper can be directly printed on the first copy of the paper directly to the color. Multi-layer carbon-free recycling cash register paper used in the printer and single-layer ordinary needle printing cash register paper, are used with a needle cash register. Thermal paper is a chemical paper that focuses on chemical composition, focusing on heat-sensitive color paper, such as three heat-resistant paper, double coated thermal paper, medical thermal paper fax thermal paper.

Cashmere paper is a note of the use of paper products, such as supermarket cash register paper, single cash register paper, handwritten cash register paper, etc., does not limit the paper properties and print attributes, pay attention to the application is used in cashier.

From the richness of the content point of view, printing paper> cash register paper> thermal paper. But there is a lot of connection between thermal paper, cash register paper and paper.

Such as thermal cash register paper, is used in the cash register for the use of thermal paper, or thermal paper made of cash register paper.

Such as roll paper, roll paper is mostly used for cash register, roll paper does not limit the properties, whether it is carbon or thermal paper or a single layer of plastic paper, are roll paper;