Thermal Paper Manufacturing Principle

Thermal Paper Manufacturing principle

Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper, in Taiwan is called thermal copy paper. Thermal paper is a processed paper, its manufacturing principle is in the quality of the base paper coated with a layer of "thermal coating" (thermal color layer). Although there are more than a dozen chemicals used in this discoloration layer, there are at least the following compounds: leuco dyes, the variety of which is widely used, the most commonly used fluorescent compounds; chromogenic agents about 20% or less, commonly used in double Phenol, p-hydroxybenzoic acid; sensitizer about 10% or less, which contains benzenesulfonic acid amide compounds; filler about 50% or less, commonly used calcium carbonate (particles); adhesive about 10% Such as polyvinyl acetate; stabilizers such as dibenzoyl phthalate; lubricants and the like. So the process is difficult, high technical requirements.


Thermal paper is specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machine printing paper, its quality directly affects the print quality and save time, and even affect the printer and fax machine life. Currently on the market of thermal paper good and bad, the state has not yet introduced the national standard, many users do not know how to identify the quality of thermal paper, which for many businesses to control the poor quality of thermal paper provides a convenient, The storage time becomes shorter, the writing is blurred, and the damaged printer is heavy. This article tells you how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper, so as not to be taken again. Thermal printing paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the paper-based, the second layer for the thermal coating, the third layer for the protective layer, the main impact of its quality for the thermal coating or protective layer,

If the thermal paper coating is not uniform, will lead to print, some places deep color, some places light color, print quality significantly reduced, if the heat-sensitive coating chemical formula is unreasonable, will lead to paper storage time Very good, good print paper can be stored after printing (at room temperature, to avoid direct sunlight conditions) 5 years, now more can save 10 years of long-term thermal paper, but if the heat-sensitive coating formula is unreasonable , May only be kept for several months.

The protective coating is also critical to the post-print retention time, which absorbs a portion of the light that causes the heat-sensitive coating to react chemically, slows the deterioration of the printed paper and protects the printer's thermal elements from damage, The layer is not uniform and will not only greatly reduce the protection of the thermal coating, even during the printing process will appear to protect the coating of small particles falling off, rubbing the printer's thermal elements, resulting in damage to the printed thermal element.

Thermal paper is generally sold in the form of a roll, generally 80mm × Φ60mm, 57mm × Φ50mm and other specifications are the most common, the previous figures that the width of the roll, followed by the diameter, the width of the general error of 1,2 mm, then no effect on the use, because The printer is generally not printed on the edge, but the diameter of the paper roll on the purchase of the impact is relatively large, because the roll of the total length of the volume of paper directly related to the cost of this roll, if that diameter is 60mm, but the actual Only 58mm, then the length of a roll of paper will be reduced by about 1 meter (depending on how much to reduce the thickness of the paper), but the sale of hot paper on the market are generally marked X0, the actual diameter is often less than X0. There is also a need to pay attention to the diameter of a tube of paper between the middle of some die will be on the die to do the hands and feet, choose a larger die, the length of the paper has to shorten a lot. Simple way to choose a buyer can take a small size of the diameter and the diameter of the box marked with the same diameter, the diameter of the die also need to pay attention to, so as to avoid the shortcomings of unscrupulous businessmen to make buyers suffer.