Thermal Paper Easy To Use

Thermal Paper Easy to use

Thermal printing paper in the open after the preservation time can be good in 3 - 5 years, the current domestic thermal paper Kaifeng printed after the writing of the majority of the time in half to one year. And then especially in the hospital, some information needs to be retained for more than a year, why do you want to use thermal paper.

1. Cost-effective: a volume of 80 * 80 thermal paper, can print more than 500 small ticket paper, the price of 2-3 yuan paper price;

2. Easy to use: When replacing the paper as long as the cover of the printer can be used to open, especially some supermarkets and hospitals and other consumer groups and more places, you can save a lot of time;

3. Low cost of printing: thermal printing paper is to rely on heat source display handwriting, do not need any ink ribbon and other additional costs, and the low cost of printer maintenance.

4. Space is small: a thermal paper printer space is not a large one of the laser printer, and it is also easy to use;

5. Good stability: thermal printing paper using the principle of simple, easy to fail, thermal printing paper will not appear often cardboard imagination. Thermal paper is a processed paper, its manufacturing principle is in the base paper coated with a layer of thermal coating, this thermal coating, also known as thermal disc. And this color layer of chemicals to a dozen, which are commonly used bisphenol A, antelope benzoic acid, sensitizer, particles, stabilizers and so on.

Thermal printing paper is mainly used in the terminal printing paper as a text and graphics communication carrier.

Ordinary thermal paper storage period is not long, but good thermal paper in the case of unopened can be stored for 30 years or even longer is possible.

Thermal paper can be divided into ordinary thermal paper and three heat sensitive paper, ordinary thermal paper is common in the supermarket consumption of small ticket paper, this printing paper with water, fire, writing will subside; three thermal paper With waterproof and anti-high temperature of the function, so the kitchen of the small ticket with the majority of three anti-thermal paper.

Thermal paper in the printing process, the quality of good or bad can directly affect the quality of printing and save time and the printer's life. Poor thermal printing paper in the printing process will have some powder, this powder easily lead to the printer head.