Thermal Paper Commonly Used Paints

Thermal Paper Commonly used paints

Thermal paper is a kind of high quality base paper coated with a layer of heat-sensitive coating paper, commonly used paint with bisphenol A, p-hydroxybenzoic acid and other compounds. Which bisphenol A in thermal paper is playing the role of the developer, but also an indispensable thermal paper coating.

      Bisphenol A in the chemical composition of low toxicity chemicals, at room temperature, its chemical composition is very stable, if reached a certain dose, there will be endocrine disorders and other hidden symptoms.

    In our daily life, we have no hot paper, such as supermarket shopping is a small ticket paper and bank ATM deposit and withdrawal of the vouchers are the most common, so people often contact with bisphenol A The So in our daily work we should be how to avoid bisphenol A on our physical invasion, reduce the harm? For this reason we have organized the following precautions for reference:

      1, if not necessary, try to minimize the number of times to touch such a small ticket.

      2, in contact with the thermal paper bills, the conditions permit to remember to immediately wash their hands, do not wash your hands in the case do not have to contact the small paper with a direct contact with the mouth, to avoid direct contact with food by hand.

      3, try to heat the small paper and other things separated to put, to prevent contamination of the bisphenol A composition.

      4, do not put the heat of small ticket paper by the children to play or save, try to place the child can not touch the place.

      5, in the purchase of thermal paper, do not just look at the price, we must pay more attention to the quality of paper and bisphenol A content of the harm to the human body how much.

  The principle of thermal paper production is based on the ordinary base paper coated with a layer of thermal coating, this heat-sensitive coating in the heat conditions will be color reaction, ordinary thermal cash register paper is not suitable for long-term preservation, but good Of the thermal cash register paper can be stored for 30 years or even longer. Then the light sensitive to the heat-sensitive cash register paper when we save the time should pay attention to what?

      First, the cash register paper into a dry place, try to avoid the sun and light exposure, light irradiation will produce heat on the thermal cash register paper color impact. Store the location to pay attention to temperature and humidity, so as not to cash register paper damp.

      Second, for some of the printing of small ticket paper need permanent or long-term value of the file preservation. Due to the instability of the thermal cash register paper can not be permanently preserved, but can still be considered limited durability. Thermal cash register paper is not suitable for permanent or long-term value of the record, in order to avoid such a record of data loss, for the preservation of thermal cash register paper data we can use copy paper for archived copies. However, due to various reasons, heat-sensitive cashier paper tickets need to be retained. So when we save the heat storage should be stored in the small ticket under environmental conditions at no more than 20 ℃ and relative humidity of 50%, to avoid prolonged exposure to light.