The Four Main Characteristics Of Special Printing

1, the printing device-specific

The particularity of the printing process the specificity of the equipment used. Special printing using stereo cameras, digital cameras, holographic cameras, special plate making equipment and printing equipment, as well as finishing and processing equipment.

2, the relativity of the concept

The concept of special printing is very relative. General printing it is the use of technology in printing technology developed on the basis of the printing branch. If there is no progress in printing technology, there is no special printing production and development. Therefore, the cut can take them all, much less against both.

3, substrate diversity

Substrate diversity, mainly in three aspects: first, the printed materials in addition to paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, metal, glass, fabric, synthetic resin fiber; second, the printed surface flat, surfaces, rigid, flexible surfaces and materials; and, third, substrate sizes than routine, there are a variety of sizes.

4, special printing process

It is the main special printing features. Mainly for print or print the particularity of the products during the entire production process, such as printing principles include not only printing, also includes non-pressure printing plate making method and the use of different plates, plate-making process is also different; finishing is not binding, and are mostly such as coating.