Static Screen Printing Machine Maintenance

Screen printing machine is printing all of the devices in the maximum utilization of equipment. screen printing machine to ensure the normal operation, routine maintenance and maintenance is essential and very necessary. following from the following simple talk about screen printing machine maintenance and maintenance.

Screen printing machine static maintenance in the following areas:

Static maintenance of screen printing machine is a machine in a static condition maintenance of the machine.

1, establish regulations for machine maintenance. offset printing machine maintenance machine specification shall prevail. such as regular oil change, cleaned filters, regular monitoring of machine-precision, and so on.

2, and strengthening important parts of maintenance. gear, and cam, and sprocket, and drum and bearing these parts is screen press Shang most important of parts, on they of maintenance to is different from Yu other parts, because they precision of changes will effect eventually of. spring is machine Shang for force balance institutions up of parts, they work of bad directly decided has movement parts mutual tie of precision level, spring must to has sensitive elastic, Anelastic and irreversible plastic deformation of the spring was extremely negative. If the above problems need immediate replacement of spring. damage of residual solvent in the printing process

3, and for technology reform, strengthening machine maintenance. machine maintenance requirements machine in design of when full consider to machine maintenance of convenient. but due to press of complexity, put each factors are consider to apparently is impossible of, and environment changes, machine maintenance of content also will has changes. so to on those not conducive to machine maintenance of structure in not effect normal work of premise Xia be improved.