Screen Printing Process Used In The Hand-painted Ceramic Tile Vintage Fashion And Fun

Understands the pulse of fashion tiles, natural is no exception. Italy famous betterlife tiles brand new "corridor of Cuba" hand-painted ceramic tile series, designers, Toledo's unique new representation of the silhouette of a modern girl design a retro funky flavor. Designer works, reproduce the beauty of a woman voluptuous curves, or sitting or lying down, staring or dressing or contemplation, one black person jumping from the moving on the white tile, so that the original cold, hard tile suddenly lively, for ordinary life has added a touch of unique taste and style. According to hundred enrichment tile agents West seat life Museum head and Li Jinhua introduced, this series of tile used has new of water moved method, and hand-painted method and screen printing method process, completely pure manual making and into, from hand-painted to die version printing, sometimes a brick of decorative need experience 18 a stage of process, draws out of pattern color more rich level; and due to process complex, price will relative high, according to different of tablets number, each sets price from more than 2000 more Yuan (about 4 tablets) to tens of thousands of Yuan (about 27 tablets) ranging, Want to get a master's work was not easy.