Screen Printing Ink

In the field of printing, why apart from screen printing products into high-tech (participation in the operation of high-tech equipment), and other forms of print (including offset printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing and even the emerging high-tech printing such as computer printing, sublimation, printing, digital printing, and so on) can't? this is very worthy of study problems. In addition to this special screen printing screen printing forms, special feature the rise of gold, is a factor that cannot be ignored. Throughout thaw Yu hi-tech of screen printing products, regardless of is solar in the of semiconductor (CdS/CdTe) and the electrode (Ag, and c, and Ag+In) of special function sex ink, also is film switch manufacturing technology in the of silver (pulp) ink, and carbon (pulp) ink, and insulation ink; SMT in the of Pb/Sn ink; printed circuit board manufacturing technology in the of anti-plating ink, and anti-corrosion ink, and resistance welding ink...... We might be able to say: no of special functional inks for screen printing workers in research and innovation, screen printing products of high-tech is an unrealistic illusion.