Screen Frame Is Made Of What Material

Screen frame is made of what materials? these materials have a what are the characteristics?

Making frame materials used include wood, hollow aluminum, cast aluminum frame, steel and other materials. Most commonly used are made of aluminum screen frames. Network box has its own characteristics respectively selected respectively according to different circumstances respectively below the selected screen frames of different materials respectively introduced in turn. Wooden frame with simple, light weight, convenient operation, low price respectively stretch mesh method and so on. This network box suitable for hand-printed. But the wood screen frame solvent after the flooding, poor water resistance respectively easily respectively will affect the printing precision. This universal use respectively by the screen frame is now rarely used. Hollow aluminum screen frame and cast aluminum screen frame respectively with operating light respectively frame high intensity, strong warp respectively strong solvent and water resistance, appearance and so on. for machine printed and hand-printed. Steel frame has a solid, high strength, good water resistance and solvent resistance and characteristics respectively but heavy, inconvenient disadvantage of respectively using a small range.

Choose network box, what are the conditions?

NET one of the boxes is an important material for making screen printing plate respectively network box select the appropriate plate quality respectively and has a direct impact on print quality. In order to ensure the plate making, printing quality and other requirements can be selected based on the following criteria screen frame.

① frame must have a certain strength. Because respectively when the tension box, wire mesh to produce certain

Force and pressure. This requires NET frame pressure respectively cannot deform respectively to keep the screen frame size.

II in the guarantee conditions respectively of the intensity of the screen frame to select light weight respectively easy to operate and use.

③ NET frame and wire bonding surface should have some rough sex respectively to enhance screen and screen frame bonding.

Black-frame ruggedness. Screen frame in use often come into contact with water, solvent respectively as well as the respectively affected by temperature changes which requires NET frame skew phenomena do not occur respectively to ensure the reuse of network box. This reduces waste respectively to reduce costs.

⑤ production when used to configure the different sizes of screen frames respectively depending on the print size to determine the right size of the screen frame respectively can waste less respectively and is easy to operate.

Main specifications of aluminum screen frames are there?