Overview Of Printing Machines

Power source:

Pad printing machine the most important actions can be divided into: plastic head pressure dipped in ink on the printing plates and carried on; plastic head moves above the substrate; printing after printing up under plastic head. Three main control mode determines the printing machines in three basic categories:

Manual printing machine, three movements are controlled manually. Is the simplest printing machines, only small batch order production and product sampling tasks.

Electric printing machines, three types of action are motor driven and controlled. Fast printing speed, but the printing pressure is small, only smaller areas to the production date and the printing of barcode products.

Pneumatic pad printing machine, three kinds of actions are the digital circuits to control pneumatic components to complete. Fast printing speed, pressure, a higher degree of automation, is currently the most common printing machines.

Ink modes:

Currently printing machine inking main roller or brush in the oil pan and the reciprocating motion of the printed version of the above opening ink systems; closed ink Cup pad printing plates and printing areas and buffer zones closed ink two reciprocating: the former is called disc printing machine, the latter known as Cup printing machine. Oil pan transfer printing machine can use special solvent printing inks, screen printing inks and UV printing inks. Solvent used in printing ink and screen printing ink, because the ink at the opening of the oil pan, direct contact with the air, ink containing harmful ingredients will evaporate into the air to cause bodily harm. Ink printability will fluctuate. Oil pan is currently the most common printing machines pad printing machine.

Ink Cup pad printing machine mainly used solvent printing ink and screen printing inks. Closed state within the ink in the ink Cup will isolate the ink of harmful components in volatile, operator of health damage to a minimum, printability of stability can be guaranteed. However, due to continued sliding oil Cup holder and pad printing plates between the height of the contact and wear resistance of, ink Cup pad printing machine manufacture is high.

Type of table: fixed, through mobile, mobile turntable, straight, stationary

Fixed three dimensional location of the table can be adjusted, mainly used on monochrome printing machine. This work generally contain t-slot structure for easy clamping fixtures and products to ensure accurate printing. Fixed table of other types of work supporting framework.

Shuttle moving table, was added at the fixed workbenches can be formed in a different position on the shuttle. Shuttle cylinder extended, depending on the sensor requires a position limit. Double shuttle table has two shuttle position limit, used in color printing machine; four-shuttle table has four shuttle position limits, used in four-colour printing machine. In multicolor printing machine operating process, shuttle arrival location has a digital circuit to control based on electromagnetic sensors installed in the shuttle table. Shuttle table stays relatively high position repeatability, high accuracy. But shuttle table place a single product, the production efficiency is low.

Slewing mobile Workbench, is adding turntable composition at the fixed workbenches Workbench. Dial printing printing can be moved to the specified location, due to the Rotary cycle is long, repeat accuracy is poor, the poor accuracy of the Rotary pad printing machine. Rotary table can be installed 10, 16, 20 products, the production efficiency is high.