Label Tag Type

Label Tag type

As the country more and more focused on the safety of people's livelihood, commodity labels have set up a future necessities of qualified goods. In particular, the import of food labels, the label information is more abundant, need to mark the content more. So now what is the classification of commodity labels in the market? Here we have to do a specific understanding.

(1) commodity label type

1. Imported food label

Food products currently on the market will be labeled with food labels, because the food label will contain detailed information about the food, such as food ingredients, shelf life, food methods, etc., to allow consumers to have a specific understanding of the food.

And in most food labels will contain a safety certificate, because the food label only after the safety of food through the inspection and approval before they can be used, otherwise it is illegal, fully guarantee the safety of the human body.

2. Cosmetics label

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people began to pay attention to their external image, so all kinds of skin care products and cosmetics by the people's favorite. But the cosmetics are a kind of contact with the human body has a direct contact with the product, if its quality problems, it will bring different degrees of harm to the human body. So the cosmetics label is particularly important.

In the cosmetics label will be marked in the composition of cosmetics, because some consumers have skin allergies, for some of the ingredients in cosmetics will be allergic to indicate that the product composition can help consumers to avoid this.

And in the label will explain its use, make-up according to the use of different methods, can be divided into spraying, smear, hot compress, cold and so on. Because different cosmetics according to their physical and chemical properties of different use of different methods will result in the use of the results there is a big difference.

3. Machine label

Now with the development of science and technology and social productivity, a variety of production machines appear in the market, so the machine label has gradually shown its usefulness. Because there are many uses of the machine, there will be a large gap between the performance and the advantages, but the machine label can indicate its use and performance, so that people can maximize the use of related machinery and equipment.

Product labels are like the product ID, in the packaging of all products will be attached to the logo, but different types of goods also have different types of labels, the following we do together to produce different types of labels label manufacturers do some understanding of it

1. Logistics label manufacturers

Now with the improvement of people's living standards, the flow of goods in society is growing, in order to improve the storage and transport efficiency of goods, logistics labels indispensable, so the logistics label manufacturers are also popular in the day by many consumers The

Logistics labels as a label on the circulation of goods, including the date of shipment, destination date, the nature of the goods and other information, through the scanning machine on the label of the rapid scanning and entry, to a great extent to enhance the efficiency of the flow of goods.