Label Printing Method

Label Printing method

Now the label printer is mostly multi-purpose use. Users can change their processing according to their own requirements. Its different uses of self-adhesive labels, different types of materials used in the process are not the same, the bar code label general factory are using the following process for processing.

There are two kinds of bar code printing,

First, the use of printing equipment for bulk printing reproduction, belonging to the commercial bar code label production, this method will generally bar code and pattern with the imposition printing. Second, by the computer control, timely print bar code labels and bar code files. The former applies to a large number of specifications fixed, the same content bar code, and packaging design and printing at the same time. The latter can be controlled by the computer to achieve real-time printing as required, flexibility is strong. Barcode printing equipment has inkjet printers, thermal printers, thermal transfer printers, hit dot matrix printers and laser printers. In order to ensure that the bar code after printing meet the specifications, should be based on the printing process and substrate characteristics, consider the plate making process. Such as the flexographic printing process, in the plate can be considered appropriate to reduce the line width to compensate for the expansion of the printing bias. On the printing of shrinking packaging materials, to take into account the location of the bar code after the film shrink, pre-calculated vertical and horizontal shrinkage in order to make adjustments in the plate. In order to facilitate the use of normal reading, should pay attention to the color of the bar code.

Bar code reading system, set the scanner light source is generally a wavelength of 630 ~ 700nm red light source, it should consider the red light effect of ink. The incident light of the scanner is irradiated on the surface of the bar code of different materials and colors, and the reflection effect is different. Black ink can be completely absorbed for the red light, printed matter on the incident light reflectivity is generally below 3%, so most of the bar code are designed with black ink printing. And white ink for the red light is completely reflected, the printed matter on the incident light reflectivity close to 100%, so it is the ideal blank with color. For these reasons, most of the bar codes on printed matter are printed on white paper.

But some packaging products, starting from the decorative effect, but also choose other colors with, so should pay attention to the nature of the color with the match. Usually the red reflectance of high color yellow, orange, red, light brown and so on. And black, green, purple, blue, etc., on the red light reflectivity is low. Reasonable design of bar code printing color, should take full account of the color of the red light reflectivity and other factors. Transparent film packaging is not suitable for direct printing bar code, should first be printed on white or yellow, orange red for the substrate, and then printed on the dark bar code, such as black, dark green, dark blue, so easy to read use.

The above is about bar code processing plant used in the label printing technology process. The whole is divided into two processes, the way is also different. Customers can change according to their own needs. Self-adhesive label custom.