Label Printed Off Ink

Label Printed off ink

Many labels manufacturers will encounter the same problem in the printing, film-like labels in the printing process, it is prone to surface printing ink out of the problem, to a large extent affect the quality of printed materials, and even delay the delivery date. This article tries to summarize and list the common causes of ink drop and improve the method from the experience of daily printing, for the industry to explore, in order to find the best solution. Label custom

Problem 1: Coating defects

Conventional film is divided into two kinds of coating and without coating, and the film coating defects lead to ink out of the reasons are divided into two cases: For coated film materials, if the surface coating is poor , Will cause the ink adhesion is poor; and no coating film material is often because the surface layer and the ink fastness is not good, resulting in ink drop ink.

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For the coating defects caused by ink drop ink, you can solve the following ways: to take the surface layer of varnish printing treatment to protect the ink surface, play to prevent the role of ink drop; surface with corona re-treatment, surface corona Dyne value should not be less than 38mm / m, up to 36mm / m up to a direct impact on the printing ink firmness; layer primer or use of ink adhesion enhancer (deployment ratio of about 3% ), Can also improve the film surface layer of ink force; some sub-surface synthetic paper material because the surface coating has a certain paper coating characteristics, it is not suitable for 3M tape detection.

Question 2: Tension

For the printing surface for the corona treatment of the film material, to achieve a good ink wetting, up to the value of usually need 38mm / m above, less than 36mm / m is prone to drop the ink problem; the same time, Will gradually fade over time, there printed ink drop problem. The essence of this problem is the tension problem.

For this situation led to the drop of ink, there are several solutions: with an on-line corona function of the satellite rotary machine, on-line corona treatment to improve the surface energy of the membrane material; to take intermittent printing presses can be surface primer Processing, to improve the surface printing adhesion; when the value of the value of the subside, the printing needs to be treated with corona, but the size of the factor does not completely represent the adhesion between the ink and the surface material, Value of the regression period of 3 months -6 months, it is recommended to minimize the long-term storage of raw materials inventory.

Finally, it is recommended to use a higher-grade ink, it is recommended to consult the ink supplier.