Label Multi-technology Combination

Label Multi-technology combination

Currently on the market of electronic scales uneven, there is no national standard introduction, the majority of users are not sure how to identify the quality of thermal label quality, which for many businesses to provide low-quality thermal paper provides a convenient, causing losses to users , Light is the thermal label shorter preservation time, blurred writing, heavy damage to the printer. Here to share the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of thermal label paper commonly used three methods.

1. Appearance: If the paper is more white hair color, indicating that the paper's protective coating and heat-sensitive coating is unreasonable, add too much phosphor, better paper should be slightly pan-green. Paper is not smooth or look uneven, indicating uneven coating of paper, if the paper looks very strong reflection, but also add too much phosphor, the quality is not very good.

2 roasted: the method of baking with fire is also very simple, with a lighter on the back of the paper heating, if heated, the paper is now out of the color of brown, indicating the thermal formula is not reasonable, save time may be shorter, if Paper on the black part of the small stripes or uneven color, indicating coating uneven. Good quality paper after heating due to the black-green (with a little green), and the color evenly, from the center to the surrounding color gradually fades.

3. Comparison of the sun to identify the difference: the printed paper with a highlighter smear on the sun after the sun, so you can speed up the reaction of light-sensitive coating reaction, the fastest black which paper shows that the shorter the time can be saved . At present, China's label printing mainly adopts letterpress printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and screen printing in several ways. From a technical perspective, these printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages, both have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages, and no printing method can replace Another way of printing. So the use of multi-process printing combination of what is the purpose?

1. The use of multi-process printing combined with effective anti-counterfeiting effect in the same label products using a variety of process effects for printing, especially in some cosmetics and food packaging labels easy to use this printing method, Can allow consumers to see through the label one of the true and false products, thus protecting the interests of product manufacturers and consumers, but also won the printing plant an excellent reputation.

2. To improve the quality of print: The combination of multi-process is the combination of the advantages of a variety of printing processes, so this combination of printing can maximize the printing of printed materials to ensure that the results to meet the growing sensory requirements of people, while improving The printing quality of the printing house, so as to bring more living resources. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs, the combination of a variety of processes also includes a combination of printing and finishing process, the production of printing and finishing a print, directly out of finished products, can greatly reduce costs.