Label Label Paper Quality

Label Label paper quality

The current market, uneven electronic scales, there is no national standard introduced, most users do not know how to identify the quality of thermal label paper quality, which for many businesses to create low-quality thermal paper provides a convenient, to the user losses , Light is the thermal tag to save time shorter, writing fuzzy, heavy is to damage the printer. The following and share the identification of hot and cold label paper commonly used in the three methods.

1. Appearance: If the paper color is white, that paper protective coating and heat-sensitive coating unreasonable, adding too much phosphor, the better paper should be slightly green. Paper finish is not high or seem uneven, indicating that the paper coating is not uniform, if the paper looks very strong reflection, but also add too much phosphor, the quality is not very good.

2. roast: roasted with the method is also very simple, with a lighter on the back of the paper heating, if heated, the paper came out of the color is brown, indicating that the thermal formula is not reasonable, the preservation time may be shorter, if The black part of the paper has a small stripes or uneven color, indicating that the coating is not uniform. Good quality paper after heating because it is dark green (with a little green), and color uniform, from the center to the surrounding color gradually fades.

3. Sunshine contrast comparison: the printed paper with a fluorescent pen smear after the sun under the sun, this can accelerate the thermal coating on the light response, which paper the fastest black, indicating the shorter the time to save The Label printing business management staff often encounter customer complaints products have quality problems, but when you get the quality of the product but do not know the sticker label products which employees are responsible for production, who is responsible for testing The Tags that the responsibility can not be implemented to specific individuals, the so-called "quality awareness" is an empty talk. In this regard, the label is taken to complete the ticket and a single product system. The completed ticket is filled in by the printing operator during the printing process. The main information includes the quantity printed, whether the fault has occurred, and the name of the operator is printed. Printing operations personnel to print a roll of material is necessary to fill out a completion ticket, and the completion of the ticket together with the product to the post-process; satisfied that the single product is the factory certificate, the above include the main information: The number of products, the number of printing operator, the number of goods, the date of manufacture and the date of manufacture. Quality inspection personnel according to the contents of the completion of the ticket can know that the current job is checked by the printing operator who is responsible for, such as the emergence of quality problems can be directly through the management of its communication. If the customer has a quality complaint, the manager can identify the quality of the product according to the information, to find out the quality of the product production date, date of manufacture, quality control personnel and printing operators and other information.