Label How To Distinguish

Label How to distinguish

There are many different specifications on the market brand of self-adhesive labels, but when you buy what kind of self-adhesive label is suitable for their own use of self-adhesive label? In the purchase at the same time how do we identify stickers tag is good or bad? The following simple to introduce the optional adhesive label should pay attention to the five aspects:

One smell smell

In the purchase time we may wish to ask the taste of self-adhesive labels, do not think that only in the purchase of food when the taste can tell us freshness, in fact, the taste can also tell us a lot of stickers. If the taste is too thick, there is a taste of sour taste, then this sticky DESSCO tape to maintain the ability to very poor, especially in low temperature environment, this stickers are basically sticky in the carton will crack Sticky The taste of the more intense when the hand to touch the sticky feel is good, but this stickiness will soon be dry glue, loss of sticky, then DESSCO tape surface will be uneven because of the relationship between the cracks are now.

Second, look at the brightness of the adhesive film

General poor quality DESSCO tape surface looks dark, this DESSCO tape in the use of the probability of fracture is very high, the intensity of tolerance.

Third, touch the thickness of the adhesive label film

Hand touch the thickness of the adhesive label film, feel the hardness of the membrane DESSCO tape are generally the quality of the times, and because the thickness of the adhesive label, it seems a lot larger than the ordinary, in fact, the number of meters cut back. Good quality DESSCO tape will choose a relatively thin film is relatively soft, good elongation.

Fourth, the appearance of color

General appearance of the more white and transparent color DESSCO tape, which dopant impurities inside the less, adhesive to ensure normal long, 100 meters below the DESSCO tape generally from the appearance point of view can see the paper tube. Yellow DESSCO tape mainly to see whether the surface of the irregular distribution of white spots, hand pressure can not wipe the stomach impurities or glue dry imprint, this product will generally have a smell.

Fifth, the size of paper tube

Many consumers in the purchase of self-adhesive labels, will go to buy some paper tube is relatively thick, in fact, this stickers are manufacturers in order to mislead consumers to reduce the number of meters trick. DESSCO tape production is from abroad, so DESSCO tape paper tube diameter is a unified diameter of 7.6cm. In fact, the thicker the paper tube stickers, it will only be less rice.