Label All Kinds Of Auxiliary Equipment Investment

Label All kinds of auxiliary equipment investment

The factors that affect the quality of the label printing are mainly composed of consumables, printing equipment and printing environment. These factors have a common, that is, you can use objective review methods to request, provisions.

First, printing equipment

Including the normal operation rate of the relevant equipment in the production process, the input of the auxiliary equipment and the matching of each other to meet the requirements will have a certain impact on the quality of printed products. Any one of the books or packaging and printing products, mostly by a few or more than a dozen processes to complete the process, including printing and binding, polishing, bronzing, etc., and the operation of these processes are generally inseparable with the equipment The equipment is good or bad, whether the operation is convenient and the equipment used in the next process can better deal with the products produced by the process equipment, etc., will have a certain impact on the quality of printed products.

If the equipment often fails, will not be able to fully play the functions of the equipment, printing or other processes processed semi-finished products will be a variety of quality defects, which can not guarantee the final quality of the product, which is to ensure that the equipment The key to the normal operation rate. In addition, some equipment in the use of the environment for the objective factors such as the environment is also a certain requirement, when these needs will not directly affect the quality of the product can be seen to ensure the normal operation of the equipment is conducive to ensuring the quality of printed products.

Second, printing supplies

Including paper, ink, plate and fountain solution, respectively, with different performance, and these properties will have a direct impact on printing. Before printing to master the performance of various supplies and printing suitability, to avoid possible impact on the printing of factors, to carry forward the positive role of printing. Many printed products on the printing requirements of the different requirements, and some packaging and printing products require beautiful colors, and some books and printing products require soft color is not dazzling, in the choice of printed materials should pay attention to the needs of users of printed products, Suitable for printing all kinds of supplies.