Label Adopt New Technology

Label Adopt new technology

Label industry in Europe and the United States has entered a stable growth period, stickers and thin film materials grow rapidly. In North America and Europe, stickers have accounted for about 50% of the total label market share, wet glue labels gradually decline; the proportion of thin film material, which is very large use of the labeling machine and flexographic printing is very strong relationship. In addition, in-mold labels and shrink film sets of wound labels growth rate of more than 5%, which shrink film sets in 2006 is expected to grow 14% in North America, the label industry to become the biggest bright spot, with self-adhesive labels in the film material Multi-use, which gave the printing equipment to a higher demand. And then some new markets are developing, such as China has just started the transparent beer standard market.

    From the international label printing using new technology and development trends, Tan Jun Qiao analysis: smart tags (RadioFrequencyIdentification, RFID), in-mold labels (In-Mold Labels), heat shrink film labels (Heat-ShrinkLabel), digital label printing Technology (DigitalLabelPrinting) four technology sudden emergence.

Smart label

    With the people of the production, storage, durability, security, management and many other aspects of the higher and more full information needs, the traditional bar code label is clearly powerless. With the advancement of science and technology and the application of labels in the field of production, a new, multi-functional, good security effects of smart labels began to be widely used, it will label the printing industry to bring new vitality and vitality.

    Smart labels are also known as radio frequency identification tags, it is the field of high-tech label products, and now has played an important role in product packaging, will gradually replace the traditional product labels and bar codes. Smart label is a rookie in the field of labels, it has beyond the traditional label function, is the electronics and computers and other high-tech in the label printed on the crystallization. Compared with the traditional way of identification, smart tags (RFID radio frequency identification) with its accurate, efficient and safe way, high security features and real-time monitoring of the characteristics of the product, widely used in production, logistics, transportation, medical, security, And many other industries.

In-mold label

    In-mold label, also known as the name of the label, is a different from the traditional direct silk screen, heat shrink labels, self-adhesive label of the new label printing form, according to the label molding method can be divided into blow molding in-mold label and injection Forming in-mold labels. With PP or synthetic paper on the surface treatment, the back coated with a special hot melt adhesive processing into a special label paper.