Know Of High Precision Screen Printing Screen

Imported mesh production, photographic paste thickness can be controlled between 1-100 μ, errors can be controlled in the thickness *5% ± 0.5 μg, pattern size error can be controlled in the pattern size * ± 5 μl 0.1 ‰, exposure patterns line weight 0.02mm.

Aluminum frame with high strength aluminum alloy profiles; aluminum screen frame able to mesh and printed pull, not easily deformed;

Printing pattern based on granularity level, different profile options. Applicable to mobile window, phone keypad, touch screen, back light industries, 40---420, tension of 50N,

Precision screen printing screen printing and high precision stainless steel wire mesh production dedicated to solar wafer printing, PCB, photovoltaic backlight, LCD, thick-film circuit, chip resistor and capacitor, microelectronic circuits manufacture higher production to meet customer demand.