Computer Printing Paper Tips

A lot of people who use computer printing paper, but do you know, how is the computer printing paper color? How can the computer print out the box and save it correctly? What do you need to pay attention to using computer printing paper? Does the computer paper wrinkle the quality problem? 

Here I come to answer for you one by one. 

1, how is the multi-layer computer paper color? Multi-layer computer paper on the back of the back of the special technology to deal with microcapsules coated, the lower front is the coating carrier, when the printer prints, the print head will be pressed into the lower surface of the new plastic film and color. 

2, the computer print paper out of the box should pay attention to the problem: computer paper out of the box after use or after the remaining should be immediately deposited into the plastic bag sealed, so moisture, loss and so on. Did you do it? 

3, computer printing paper in the use of the process should pay attention to what? ①, print the file should be adjusted to the number of layers before the paper to ensure that the print clear. ②, if the print head to use a long time aging, should promptly replace the print head.

4, computer printing paper wrinkling does not belong to the quality of the problem: the printing paper in the delivery of users and storage process, due to climate differences, by the humidity, temperature and other environmental factors, will produce a slight wrinkle, which does not affect the use of a normal phenomenon.