Color Of The Screen Effects On Plate

Screen with white, yellow, amber, red and so on. Color of the screen has a big impact on the quality of the plate. Colored screen respectively for example yellow, red and amber screen respectively when you print, you can play to prevent the phenomenon of diffusion respectively while using a white screen print will be significant diffuse phenomenon. This is because respectively photographic materials in the ultraviolet region have larger absorption takes place respectively because of the white screen when the light reflected white light respectively and thus has an impact on sensitive materials. Light through the transparent part of positive film to reach emulsion coating respectively white screen reflection light contact respectively inflectional – diffuse reflection reflections respectively respectively make the plates appear floating shot that vignetting. If you use colored screen will prevent this phenomenon because the color screen to be able to absorb some light respectively so as to reduce the intensity of the reflection of light colored screen respectively and reflects light respectively this shade is not active light respectively on election materials does not affect respectively in fine print on the print screen the color is particularly important.