Chinese Gymnastics Won Four Gold Medals A Day

On November 24, China time and 23 local time, the Gymnastics World Cup was held in kotbus, Germany.The Chinese team performed well and won four championships in men's rings, pommel horse, women's vault and uneven bars.In the final of the rings, Liu Yang scored 15.133 points to win a head-on contest with Greece's top player Petronas. After this battle, Liu Yang has already won the world cup in three races and basically locked in the Olympic qualification.Weng Hao also performed well in the final of the pommel horse. He scored 15.000 points and narrowly beat Japanese player Jinlin by 0.033.Yu Limin, a Chinese gymnast who can make Cheng Fei's jump, played at a high level in the women's vault final and won her first World Cup gold medal with 14.649 points.In the final of the uneven bars, fan Yilin played an outstanding role, winning the gold medal with 14.800 points. The silver medal was won by Russian player agavonova, and she was eager to win the third place.