Carbonless Paper Roll Production Process

Carbonless Paper Roll Production Process

Carbonless paper was invented in 1945 by National Cash Register, a U.S. National Cash Register company. This paper looks no different from plain paper in appearance, but it can be used for overwriting, producing the same effect as blue carbon paper, without fingerprints and clothing, making it more hygienic. Because of the manufacture of this paper did not use carbon copy carbon composition, so named it as carbonless copy paper, referred to as carbonless paper.

Carbonless paper Usage:

With the popularity of computers, the development of office automation, carbonless paper can be more easily printed in the computer terminal, suitable for office automation. Carbonless carbon paper without having to enter a special carbon paper, writing all the paper for the original and a copy of a substantial increase in the number of copies, you can copy more than 6, and the graphic clear, bright colors. The smooth surface of the paper, the coating structure close, chemical reaction color, no ink before and after copying appear, will not get stolen hands and clothing, easy to use, clean. Due to the use of chemical developers, anti-counterfeiting and rewriting difficulties, its application is also becoming more and more widely used in banking, postal services, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, hotels, customs, insurance and other fields.

Carbonless paper structure:

Paper also known as the back coated paper (code CB), the back of the paper coated with a force sensitive pigment oil microcapsules, also known as paper in the double positive and negative coated paper (CFB), the front of the paper coated with a developer, the back Coated with force sensitive pigment oil microcapsules. Carbonless paper can be divided into two types of coupling and self-carrier, the use of more is the coupling of carbon-free copy paper, is generally composed of three kinds of paper, respectively, on paper, paper and paper. The next paper, also known as the surface paper (codenamed CF), paper only coated with color agent. Self-developed paper (also known as self-induced paper, code SC) is coated on the back of the paper containing the microencapsulated with the macro-sensitive pigment oil, the front coated with a coloring agent and micro-capsules containing force-sensitive pigment. 01, pressure-type carbonless copy paper and its production process

02, high opacity carbonless copy paper and its production process

03, carbonless copy paper processing methods

04, genuine color sensitive carbon paper and its production process

05, with memory password security copy paper and detector and detection methods

06, anti-counterfeit fiber carbonless copy paper and its production method

07, with bentonite Preparation of carbonless special paper for white clay developer new technology.