Carbonless Paper Roll Historical Present Situation

Carbonless Paper Roll Historical present situation

History of carbonless copy paper

      Carbonless copy paper English called Carbonless copy paper, referred to as CCP. Carbonless paper was prepared by the US Congress Cash Cashier (NCR) company in 1953, so carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper. The world's carbonless paper in the 70-80 years of rapid development, the late 90s growth slowed, in 2001 the world's output of about 300 million tons. China's carbon-free paper in the 1970s started, 90 years of rapid development.

Non - carbon copy paper color principle

     Under the action of external force, crush the microcapsules, in which the leuco dye spill reacts with the color reagent on the other page, and the black or blue image or text is displayed on the paper coated with the developer, The situation can be divided into multiple copy paper and single copy paper. Multi-copy paper from the paper (CB), medium paper (CFB), the next paper (CF) composition, the structure diagram is as follows:

The CFB paper is coated with a layer of developer on the upper side (front side), and a layer of microcapsules on the back (back) coated with a layer of microcapsules; CFB paper is coated with a layer of microcapsules on the back (back) The paper is coated with a layer of developer on the top (front side), so that the carbon surface of the carbonless copy paper is opposite to that of the CF surface (i.e., the microcapsules and the developer).

The characteristics of carbonless copy paper

Advantages: 1, easy to use, clean not hurt hands 2, copy the number of copies, writing clear 3, easy processing, overprinting tidy 4, the use of chemical color, easy to rewrite and forge 5, especially for computer printing

Disadvantages: higher prices

Application of carbonless copy paper

1, billing 2, bank, telecommunications, post and telecommunications, insurance, tax and other forms 3, receipts, orders, etc. 4, computer printing paper 5, optical text reading paper 6, label 7, car,

The main raw material of carbonless copy paper

Carbon-free paper Ingredients: 1, base paper

2, CB a, microcapsules (leuco dye) b, spacer c, binder

3, CF a, color reagent b, pigment c, binder