Carbonless Paper Roll According To Usage

Carbonless Paper Roll According to usage

Carbonless copy paper under the action of external force crushed microcapsules, colorless dye overflow and another page on the reaction of the developer, in the color of the paper coated with black or blue images or text, according to Use can be divided into multiple copy paper and single copy paper.

Easy to use and easy to rewrite and forgery, suitable for computer printing, can be widely used in invoices, banking, telecommunications, post and telecommunications, insurance, taxation, and so on. Such as forms, receipts, orders and other computer printing paper, optical text reading paper, cars, boats, ticket paper. First, the weight classification:

Carbonless copy paper is divided into 45g / m2CB paper, 47g / m2CF paper and 52g / m2CFB paper.

Carbon-free copy of the weight of the press up and down points: on: 48,50,80 in: 52: the next: 47,80.

55-60 grams for office statements, receipt receipts, delivery orders, such as a single library.

Second, the specification classification:

Carbonless paper can be divided into rools and sheets. The width of the web can be from 160mm to 1940mm, the size of flat paper can be from 420mm * 530mm to 1420mm * 1420mm.

Three, triple:

And triple the carbonless copy paper receipt, can be divided into paper, paper, under the paper. On the back of the paper coated with force sensitive pigment oil microcapsules; in the paper, also known as positive and negative double coated paper (code CFB, that is, Coated Front and Back), the paper is also called back coat paper (code CB, that is Coated Back) The front of the paper is coated with a developer, and the back is coated with a microcapsule containing a force-sensitive pigment oil. The paper is also coated with paper (code CF, Coated Front). The self-contained paper is a microcapsule coated with a sensitive pigment oil on the back of the paper, a front-coated developer and a microcapsule containing a sensitive pigment oil.

Four, no carbon paper selection:

In the purchase and use of carbon-free paper, it is best to use the same company to produce the same brand of upper, middle and lower paper with, and the production date not separated by too long. Because the various manufacturers of products in the whiteness, color density, smoothness, thickness, stiffness, printing surface stretch strength, color paper color, tightness, ink and other indicators are different, so different manufacturers of paper with Use, the appearance, print adaptability, with pages, copy have an impact.

Fifth, the characteristics of carbonless copy paper

Copy the write pad "copy paper", direct writing convenient time-saving, complex number 2-6 pages, electric printing 2-10 pages, can greatly improve the efficiency and adapt to the needs of modernization.

Copy the writing clear, clear, do not fade, to prevent the change, imitation.

Do not contaminate your fingers, clothing and other stationery paper, keep clean.

With a variety of colors, easy to identify processing.

Carbon-free carbon paper does not need to use painted wax copy paper, do not have waxing copy paper can be rewritten out, is due to the reason for the application of chemicals. Multi-page non-carbon paper stacked together to print directly or write to copy multiple copies of a document. With easy to clean, but also made of perforated vacant computer printing paper, to achieve efficient continuous printing copy,

The carbonless paper is divided into the previous sheet, the middle sheet, and the next page. On the next side of the sheet and the middle of the page, a drug is coated with another chemical on the upper side of the sheet and the next page. In accordance with the order of the upper, middle and next page, by the impact of the needle or pen tip pressure, the two different drugs will meet and wonderful track to achieve the purpose of rewriting.