Carbonless Paper Roll According To The Paper Color

Carbonless Paper Roll According to the paper color

The specifications of the carbon-free cash register paper are basically determined at 75 * 60, and the common carbon-free cash register paper has two layers and three layers. Printing paper, according to the different colors of paper, no carbon copy of the supermarket cash register paper has two white, two white, three white, white red and yellow, white and red and other requirements, the color of paper will not cash register paper production Cost impact, mainly affect the carbon-free copy of the supermarket cash register paper costs are the size of the paper thickness and paper grade three factors. Two-tier 75 * 60 supermarket cash register paper prices are generally 2 yuan per volume, three is 2.5 yuan. This is a relatively high cost of paper, a lot of low demand can be customized ordinary low-grade carbon-free base paper as a production material, so that the production of carbon-free supermarket cashier paper prices can be reduced by 40% of the cost. Colored paper has color

Carbon-free paper also has color

The difference between them is that colored paper can not be rewritten, no carbon paper can be rewritten.

So in the case of the same degree of grams, carbon-free paper is more expensive.

Colored paper is generally used for advertising and the like, such as posters on the wall, or leaflets and the like.

No carbon paper for single use. There is a fragrance of taste.

No carbon paper: the front of the paper comes into contact with the front of the paper and the front of the paper can be copied, two sheets of paper or two sheets of paper can not produce a copy effect, because the paper on the back, , The front of the paper has a copy of the chemical molecules can be given to the surface. On the front of the paper, the paper is not the opposite side, if both are made on both sides of the paper with the effect of rewriting, then the cost will be high, so the paper and the paper is cheaper, except in the paper is the most Dear!

First, the requirements for non-carbon paper

Carbon-free rewritable notes require a special paper, a coated paper, also known as CCP paper. Usually it is divided into paper (CB), medium paper (CFB), under paper (CF) 3 kinds. Carbonless copy paper is a special paper for printing two or more computer bills and ordinary notes. (CB) refers to the paper used for the first joint of the various bills, coated with a layer of microcapsules on its back, serving as a downward transfer of text; and medium (CFB) For the various rewritten notes in the special-purpose paper, its front coated with a layer of color reagent, the back with the same paper coated with a layer of microcapsules, served as a joint transfer at the same time the role of the next; The final combination of the various rewritten notes is applied only to the surface of the paper with a layer of developer, which serves to carry the contents of the copy. In the case of printing carbon-free rewritable notes, if it is a computer-specific paper, it must be carbon-coated with a reel, and there is a more stringent process requirement for the toughness, thickness, elasticity of the rolls, and the number of joints.

Second, the bill printing production scheduling process arrangements

When receiving a production task, the production dispatcher according to the process of single content, the number of colors, the number of paper and paper and other materials used to design a series of the best of the best process, especially multi-color bill Of the printing should be arranged in advance of the printing order or color order.