Bond Paper Printing Pressure

Bond Paper Printing pressure

Coated paper printing process technical requirements:

1, to understand the characteristics of coated paper base paper, to master the printing of printed paper

For each batch of coated paper before the use of the paper, the indicators of its test analysis, test paper smoothness, pH, absorbency, drying, scalability has been a series of paper surface bonding strength and other major printing related to print Problem analysis. Followed by the characteristics of the paper, to take the appropriate process printing measures to achieve the standardization of scientific production, to prevent the printing of the bad situation.

But because of the number of printing plant for the detection capacity of paper is limited, there is no way for all aspects of the technical indicators of the original test, then the production process should do a good job in the production process records, so that the latter part of the process of comparative analysis and summed up the accumulation of production experience.

2, the lining and the printing pressure debugging switch adjustment, control printing ink layer uniform and bright

Coated paper in the printing process will be affected by the printing pressure, so the printing process in the printing paper pressure should be uniform and appropriate, if the pressure is too heavy will easily produce powder and other adverse circumstances, and easily lead to print dot imprint is not clear, As well as to speed up the printing plate wear. If the pressure is too small, it is likely to cause dot imprinting is not strong, the layout of flowers and other imagination. Then it will easily produce too low, slow dry, overprint is not accurate and other adverse consequences.

3, the adjustment of ink selection and color order to determine

Taking into account the accuracy of coated paper printing overprint, in the deployment of background ink, you should avoid some heat and intolerance of light ink, dilution agent as much as possible to buy some bright slurry deployment. So that the background can be placed on the final printing to make printing better. To prevent the background color printing and thus cause the background friction damage ink layer affect the quality of overprint. To the letterpress printing process, for example, in the red ink and yellow ink as a background (not with black and white) on the overlay of black text, the black text can be placed in front of the first print, the background layout put the last printing, it is not easy There is the situation at the end of ink. Coated paper in the printing process will be a large amount of ink or multi-color overlay overlay of the layout of the problem is too low, should be used to overcome the anti-sticking measures. For example, you can use light oil to adjust the anti-

4, in the printing of a large area at the end of the forum, you should try to adjust the ink appropriate

As the coated paper of ink absorption capacity is poor, so the printing of a large area in the bottom of the forum, the ink should be appropriate to adjust the appropriate depth, so the printing is the corresponding ink layer will be thinner, both in line with the requirements of printing color, and Can reduce the chance of imprinting too low, and to prevent overprint is not fine printed on the phenomenon. In the printing of the first color can be used to adjust the oil on the 19th oil to adjust the ink, so that the printing ink layer printing effect bright, the ink can be added in the appropriate light or dry oil to make the printing paper printing ink dry.