9 Characteristics Of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic screen printing machine can be used for various plastics, cosmetics, packaging boxes, sheet metal, scale plates, acrylic, plexiglass, electronics, household items, stickers, and leather transfer paper. Various types of cups, buckets, glass, baseball bats, wooden planks and other. On a flat, curved surface object can also make the most beautiful and high quality printing efficiency.

Automatic screen printing machine has the following features:

1, multi-color printing full automatic electric eye alignment, computer control, automatic color, if any exception will stop automatically.

2, the use of CNC motors, subparagraph printing and ink speed can be freely set.

3, the use of CNC motors, printing, ink from the free data set.

4, print quantity is calculated automatically, and automatically shut down the printing times can be set.

5, electric control loading and rewinding to avoid scratches on the surface of the substrate to improve print quality.

6, Japan brand precision regulator, magic eye-high precision.

7, automatic screen printing machine is equipped with dust-roller, remove dust from the material.

8, automatic screen printing machine from the network, printing and large-area color printing and glue, preventing net.

9, automatic screen printing machine with three-stage suction device, according to printed material, strong winds and weak wind, close regulation.