ECG Paper

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We can produce ecg paper of different specifications, we can also produce pink, yellow, green and other different colors of ecg paper.Our medical recording paper has obtained relevant product certificates.

1 channel ecg paper   50mm*20mm /50mm*30mm
3 channel ecg paper      60mm*30mm /63mm*30mm /80mm*20mm /80mm*70mm /90mm*20mm /90mm*90mm /90mm*30mm /112mm*90m /145mm*30mm /112*27mm
6 channel ecg paper 144mm*30mm /110mm*140mm /110mm*20mm /215mm*30mm /216mm*20mm
12 channel ecg paper       183mm*30mm/210mm*30mm/144mm*125mm/145mm*125mm210mm*140mm /210mm*150mm /210mm*295mm /215mm*280mm/ 210mm*300mm /210mm*280mm /183mm*260mm/183mm*130mm