What is screen printing advantages

Screen printing has a rare advantage: first, the means of screen printing is essential for the production of large advertising. Where the production capacity of the item can be screen printing. Screen printing on any advertising carriers such as acrylic, nylon, light boxes cloth, light, cloth, paper, self-adhesive, KD Board, Chevron Board, Andy sheets, metal, plastic, nothing is printed, and specifications does not affect--some up to a few meters to the dozens of meters. Second, comparison of screen printing and computer printing: 1. screen printing definition than with art and computer printing increased a notch. Manual printing speed, high cost, bad effects have gradually eliminated, and computer printing effect can see far. Cannot and screen printing to one meter, which is a fact obvious reality. 2, computer printing is a non-impact printing, fast and convenient, from manuscript to scan spray is only needed for a few hours, screen printing through electronic color separation, amplified positive, sun-screen, screen printing. Under than take a long time, one day at the earliest. This deficiency is screen printed. 3, computer printing in bulk in a few cases, end of production costs. 4, the same principle of four-colour printing and offset printing, printing products restore results with the same offset, only format the size of the dot is different. Computer printing out the ink to the substrate tend to spread, not separate points, so looks irregular, even chaos, can only be seen at a distance, the Visual effect than screen printing. 5, screen printing production costs low, and cost-effective. Screen printing due to the suitable for mass production. Much lower costs than inkjet. 6, flexible screen printing process, but in the back of the substrate color printing, the Scouts because of the thick ink, UV irradiation, typically 3-5. Comparison of three investment budget: General outdoor advertising, import computer inkjet machines are more than 2 million Yuan, is a 1.2 m wide inkjet machine also about 30.4 million, in addition, consumables and wearing parts are imported, which for most of the Chinese advertising companies Wang Yang XING Han. Large screen print process, is nothing more than electronic color separation, amplified positive, net, print, finishing products.