What is a carbon belt

Carbon tape is a very important material for printing. Generally speaking, the quality of carbon tape not only determines the life of the print head, but also affects the printing effect. Good carbon tape, can protect the print head, the effect can be accurately attached to the paper, not easy to spread, not easy to fall off. According to the material classification, the carbon belt can be simply divided into the following four types:

Wax based carbon belt: the product with wax and carbon black (assumed to be black carbon belt) as the main material and as the coating material. Wax based carbon belt is the most economical and cheap carbon belt, which is mainly used for the printing of general paper. When using wax based carbon belt, we must pay attention to the cooperation with paper. Wax based carbon belt is used for the material with slight bump on the surface feel, which is not suitable for the material with smooth surface such as PET material.

Resin carbon tape: it can resist solvent and high temperature, etc. it is used for packing chemical products, or it must be resistant to high temperature, used for heating parts of electrical appliances, or it must be printed on special pet and other chemical products.

Half fat and half wax carbon belt (mixed type carbon belt): it is the product with wax and resin as the main materials and coating materials. The mixing proportion changes with the needs, mainly used for the materials with smooth surface. Generally, the products with strict surface requirements are suitable for use, such as the marking of ordinary consumable products, which is made by combining the advantages of the two carbon belts listed above.

Wash cloth carbon tape: excellent chemical properties such as scratch resistance, daub resistance and alcohol resistance. After washing, the image can still be clear. When printing continuously, there is no sticking of wash mark.