Screen printing machine in the market, what are the main categories

Screen printing machine is very popular in the market, I believe many people have some understanding of screen printing machine. We introduce today is how screen printing machine in the market are classified:

① the flat screen printing machine. Version with flat screen printed on a flat substrate, is scraping the plates move horizontally through the substrate plates replaced.

Second surface screen printing machine. Version with flat screen printing on cylindrical substrate, usually scraping plates, plates move horizontally, the substrate with the printed version of the speed rotation.

③ rotary screen printing machine. Cylinder screen version, it tube filling wedge-shaped scraping or shaving roller, plate turning and moving line of the substrate at the same rate.

④ electrostatic screen printing machine. Use good conductivity of stainless steel wire mesh, driven by between positive and negative electrode plate electrostatic powder across the plate through hole parts attached to the substrate surface, are pressure-free printing. Machines shape for substrate varies, but generally includes the input part of the substrate, printed parts, ink fixing dry and substrate collected parts, printed partly by screen printing, plate, high pressure device.