Screen printing and other printing what the main difference is in the way

Main differences compared with other printing screen printing the following 

① printing adaptability lithographic, letterpress, gravure, three printing methods can only be printed on a flat substrate. Screen printing can print respectively in the plane or surface, spherical, and printed on the concave surface of the substrate. Respectively on the other hand screen printed not only can print respectively on hard objects can also be printed on soft respectively are not restricted by the texture of the substrate. In addition respectively outside of direct printing, screen printing respectively can also be indirect printing method printing respectively first, screen printing in gelatin or silicone version respectively and then transferred to the substrate. Therefore adaptable respectively screen printing a wide range of applications.

② ink layer thick respectively stereoscopic respectively rich offset and letterpress ink layer thickness is 5 microns respectively gravure printing is about 12 μm respectively flexo (aniline) printing ink layer thickness of 10 microns respectively while the screen printing ink layer thickness than the thickness of the ink layer respectively up to 30 microns. Special thickness respectively for screen printing ink for printed circuit board thickness can be up to 1000 μm. Foaming inks print Braille dot-Yu respectively after foaming ink layer thickness up to 300 microns. Screen printing ink thickness respectively print rich respectively stereoscopic respectively

This is should not be compared with other printing methods. Screen printing not only monochrome printing respectively can also be used for color and the screen color printing.

③ strong light respectively bright due to the characteristics of screen printing stencil respectively so that it can use a variety of inks and coatings respectively not only can you use Paste, bonding agents and pigments respectively with coarse particles of pigment can also be used. In addition to respectively screen printing ink is simple respectively for example respectively light resistant pigments

Into the ink level respectively it is another feature of screen printing. Screen printing products have the advantage of strong light. By practice showed that respectively by using black ink in coated paper Shang once pressure printing Hou measuring have of maximum density value range for compared respectively offset for 1.4, and convex printing for 1.6, and concave printing for 1.8 respectively and screen printing of maximum density value range can up 2.0 respectively packaging design market positioning should how do up so screen printing products of resistance light sex than other type of printing products of resistance light sex strong respectively more for Yu in outdoor for advertising, and signs of with.

Black printing area is generally offset, letterpress printing methods, such as the maximum print size for all sizes respectively more than pieces of machinery and equipment restrictions on the size respectively. For large area printing and screen printing can respectively today screen printed products are the most significant up to 3 m X4 m respectively are even greater. The above four points are screen printed and differ from other printing respectively as well as screen printing features and advantages. Understanding the characteristics of screen printing respectively respectively can exceed respectively in the printing method of selecting outstanding screen printing advantages respectively in order to achieve better printing results.