how to clean up label stickers

1.For the adhesive on plastic products, you can use a blower to heat the adhesive lanbel stickers slowly, and then tear it off.

2.Hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing self-adhesive labels, because there is a lot of     water in hand cream, and water also contains a certain amount of surfactant.

3.Apply edible oil evenly to the labeled place, and the label will lose its viscosity slowly under the          effect of oil. After three to five minutes, you can tear off the label without leaving any trace.

4.Apply alcohol to the adhesive labels, which will soften and dissolve.

5.To remove the stubborn stains left by the self-adhesive labels, essential balm is the most effective.

6.pply the essential oil to the surface of the adhesive labels, then rub it continuously, and then wipe it     with a clean cotton cloth. The adhesive labels can fall off.