heat sensitive paper Hazard prevention

In daily life, people will inevitably be exposed to heat sensitive paper coupons, so they will often be exposed to bisphenol A. So, how can we avoid bisphenol A invading our bodies and reduce the harm? The reporter has arranged a few matters of attention for the public for reference.

1. Try to minimize the number of such tickets.

2. Wash hands immediately after contact with the heat sensitive paper, if possible, and do not use alcoholic cleaning solution. Remember, don't touch your mouth directly with your hands, such as food or food.

3. Separate the receipt from other things to prevent contamination with bisphenol A.

4. Do not leave the hot-sensitive paper tickets for children to play or keep.

5. The method to identify whether the paper is thermal sensitive paper is to use COINS to scratch the paper. If there are discoloration or obvious scratches, it is thermal sensitive paper.