Four common types of cash register paper

Generally, the material of the cash register paper is the corresponding material applicable to the internal printing parts of the cash register. For ordinary needle printer, it can use ordinary 1-3 layers of printing paper to print; for thermal head printer, it can only use thermal printing paper to print.

Ordinary needle printer, need to use ribbon and cash register paper and other printing consumables. Thermal head printer, only need to use thermal printing paper can be printed, no other auxiliary consumables.

Cash register paper is divided into four categories:

1.Bond paper: the cash register paper processed and produced with ordinary bond paper, all of which are single-layer, without any coating on the paper surface, and printed with the colour band.

2.Thermal paper: the cash register paper processed and produced by thermal paper is all single-layer. The paper surface is coated with thermosensitive chemical coating, and the paper is printed and colored by laser thermosensitive head. It is characterized by no printing consumables, no carbon tape, color tape or ink cartridge; moreover, the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, and there will be clear marks when scratched on the paper with nails or hard objects.

3.Carbonless paper: This paper consists of at least two or more layers.

4.Self-induced paper: this kind of cash register paper is composed of one or more layers. It depends on the printing pressure of the needle printer to develop color. The printing paper does not need to install a colour band. The first sheet of this kind of cash register paper is called self-induced paper, and the following sheets are ordinary carbonless paper.