Flat screen flat screen printing machine works

① flat screen flat screen printing machine working cycle process.  Flat screen platform for single color semi automatic facial expression screen printing machine, for example, it's a working cycle is: given to positioning → → → reduced ink-slab, l ink Board rose to ink-slab → → → scraping trip back down to ink-slab lifting position → → → ink stroke → Inbox.  In a continuous cycle, as long as it functions, the elapsed time of each movement should be as short as possible to shorten the period each working cycle, improve work efficiency. ③ the NIP. In the printing schedule, to ink and screen printing ink-slab extrusion, making screen plate and substrate forming a contact line, known as the NIP. This line in scraping the cutting edge Department, numerous imprint lines printing surface.  Ideal embossing line is difficult to achieve, because printing stroke is a dynamic process. ③ screen printing work.  To common of hand shaped network version plane silk printing machine for cases, can on screen press of work principle for following description: by drive institutions passed power, let scraping ink Board in movement in the extrusion ink and screen printing version, makes screen printing version and printer real formed a article pressure printing line, due to screen has tension N1 and N2, on scraping ink Board produced force F2, back stretch makes screen printing version except pressure printing line outside are not and printer real phase contact, ink in scraping ink Board of extrusion force F1 role Xia, through network hole, from movement with of pressure printing line leak printing to printer real Shang. In the process of printing, screen scraping for relative motion, force F1 and rebound F2 also moved in tandem with the screen in the presence of resilience, timely return and disengagement of the substrate, so as not to get dirty marks.  Screen printing stroke and continuous deformation and resilient. Scraping unidirectional printing is completed after the screen out of the substrate, and return back to Mexico to complete a print cycle. After ink substrate on screen opposite the distance called the same version or net margins generally should be 2~5mm. Manual printing, technique and proficiency of workers directly influence the formation of the NIP. Screen printing in practice workers have accumulated a lot of valuable experience, which can be grouped into six to ensure that scraping motion straight sex, uniform, isometric resistance, voltage, Center, and the vertical side. That is, printing Shi scraping ink Board should line forward, cannot around shaking; cannot Qian slow Hou fast, Qian fast Hou slow or suddenly slow suddenly fast; to ink Board of tilt angle should keep not variable, special to note overcome tilt angle gradually increases of problems; printing pressure to keep uniform consistent; keep scraping ink Board and network box inside on both sides of distance equal; to ink Board and border keep vertical.