Five elements of printing screen printing process

First, printing

Manuscript is original with original silk screen printing process, silk screen printing based on the manuscript, is directly related to silk screen printing and special printing copy restore effect quality and artistic goals. Printing silk screen processing of manuscripts is generally divided into pictorial manuscript, manuscripts, and photographs of the substrate effects effects, packaging and so on.

Second, block the steel plate for pad printing and screen

Sedan kind of is a complex one which involves printing issues for the substrate to be printed pattern drawing for reference film logo. Plates with pad printing and screen printing, the front or back of the different requirements and depth requirements categories. When awareness of the need for related industry professionals, it is difficult to meet the industry does not understand the printing process and screen printing process requirements, such travel in a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Three, the choice of ink

Ink of type is very annoying more of, General of ink is divided into metal ink, plastic ink and UV ink and so on, light can points of big class on has more than 10 species, in this small series on not one by one cases lift has, subdivision each species and exists many of problem, as plastic material of can subdivision for ABS,PVC,PP,PE and so on, this several different of plastic material hard do with same paragraph ink reached more with of effectiveness, this is not reasonable of, because different of material on printing of detection requirements also not as, In choosing ink time to test.

Four, printer materials

On this as long as it is carried out by a factor generated by the issue, in that there is no need to cringe anymore.

Five, printing equipment

Printing screen printing process according to the substrate size, the size of the printing area or material, the effect of printing and output requirements will choose different printing devices, there is a certain degree of knowledge