Can the carbon ribbon be reused

1、The carbon ribbon cannot be reused after printing 

In general, the carbon ribbon can't be used again after it is printed once. This is because when the carbon ribbon is printed, the effective printing part of the ink layer of the carbon ribbon will be transferred to the printing medium, and then the transferred part will be blank. If it is reused, the repeated printing part can't print out the content to be printed.

2、The carbon ribbon can be reused under certain circumstances

Under what circumstances can the carbon belt be reused? For example, when the first use is to print some small text or small barcode, the second can be used to print large text or content, although there will be gaps, as long as the gap does not affect the content expression, then the carbon belt can be reused in this case, which is one of them. Second, if the first printing is very regular, and the second printing can avoid the place used in the first printing, then the carbon belt can be reused. Third, the second time is used to change the color of the media. For example, it is used to print a white label into a black label. Then the carbon tape can be reused at this time. It can be realized by printing the black carbon tape multiple times. In addition to the above situations, there are many needs. As long as the reuse can meet the needs, the carbon belt can be reused.