6 Ply Compuer Paper

6 Ply Compuer Paper
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Specifications of 6 ply computer paper:

1)Product name: 6 ply computer paper, 6 ply computer form, 6 ply continuous computer form, 6 ply continuous form, 6 ply carbonless computer form, 6 ply continuous computer paper;

2)Material: carbonless paper, CB/CFB/CFB/CFB/CFB/CF;

3)Type: 1 part, 2 parts, 3 parts;

4)Size: 120mmx279mm, 241mmx279mm, 381mmx279mm, 9.5”x11”, 15”x11”, etc.;

5)Paper colour: white/pink/blue/green/yellow;

6)Image colour: black or blue image;

7)Weight: 48gsm, 51gsm, 55gsm, etc. 

8)Package: box pack with poly bag, 165/330 sets/box; 

9)Usage: dot matrix printers, continuous printing;

10)Advantage:Exact perforation, high runnability, excellent print quality.

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